#796: The Emigrants



Raging conversations about foreigners in America seem to ignore the fact that both the USA and Canada exist in their present-day condition precisely because of immigration, and for those of us who are not of an indigenous background, it makes up part of our story.  Now more than ever, Jan Troell’s double masterpiece of this film and The New Land are essential viewing, for the precise and moving way they tell the story of one family trying to make their life better by uprooting their life of struggle in Sweden and making new roots in the new world.  My own personal story is one of migration, my origins starting somewhere on the Black Sea coast across the Mediterranean and eventually all the way here in Toronto.  I thought about that journey a lot while watching these films, and it made the experience that much more powerful for me.

Listen to the episode here:  PODCAST

My review of the film on my blog:  REVIEW

NEXT CRITERION: #797 The New Land


Also By Jan Troell

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