#134: Haxan (Witchcraft Through The Ages)



My parents aren’t incredibly religious, but my mom came from a Protestant Christian family and sent me to a religious school for many years, meaning that for much of my childhood, my morality was kept in line by my genuine fear of the devil.  Superstitions about ole’ Scratch reached a zenith for me the night I had a nightmare about demon outside my window that terrified me for months, something I recalled the first time I saw  Benjamin Christensen’s marvelous triptych through social obsessions with witchcraft and the occult.  I had the pleasure of having playwright Michael Stittle on to talk to me about the movie after we attended a sold-out public screening of it, held nearly a hundred years after it was made.

Listen to the episode of the podcast here:  PODCAST

My review of the film on my blog:  REVIEW

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