#114: My Man Godfrey

criterion114GREGORY LA CAVA


My dad had me late in his life, so there are many decades of him that I have never known and never will.  From a young age I realized that movies from the thirties and forties had a lot to do with his childhood, and it’s possible that I started watching them as a way to understand where he came from; but then again, when you watch the delightful screwball comedies that came out at the time, it’s possible I also watched them because they were so ridiculously enjoyable.  For my episode on Gregory La Cava’s masterpiece, I had the pleasure of actor and writer Jill Leger‘s company to talk about our love of Carole Lombard and the genre overall.

Listen to the episode of the podcast here:  PODCAST

My review of the film on my blog:  REVIEW


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