#051: Brazil

criterion51TERRY GILLIAM


Every year when the crop of the most acclaimed films are gathered up, there’s always about 3 or 4 in the list that completely escape my comprehension, I find I have no idea why people are so excited about them (and I’m sure this is the case with everybody).  When looking back at the most popular films of the century, the films that have a huge cult following and a continually devoted audience, there’s also a handful that even the most dedicated and well-rounded film lover isn’t as thrilled by.  No film represents this better for me than Brazil, a movie that others rant and rave about to no end while I’m completely indifferent to it.  Gilliam’s most popular film is also a great example of what makes Criterion so wonderful, as seeing it under the best of circumstances (save in a movie theatre) with all the backstory of production and various cuts of it helps me fully understand the film well enough and challenge myself as to whether or not I really am as unimpressed with it as I have always said.  For this episode, I had the benefit of one of the film’s biggest fans, media educator Mike Gilman, to talk to me about why I’m wrong.

Listen to the episode of the podcast here:  PODCAST

My review of the film on my blog:  REVIEW

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