#028: Blood For Dracula



God bless Joe Dallesandro…for how else would I have known what to try and achieve in life?  Discovering the Paul Morrissey films produced by Andy Warhol in the seventies, all of which we had on videocassette at the store I worked at as a teenager, was a game changer for me.  Joe’s presence, physical perfect while also easy going and somewhat unmotivated, was a new level of male beauty that allowed gay men to be as shamelessly voyeuristic at the movies as their straight male counterparts had been for decades.  Of course this is nothing to be too proud of, so I will say that that, as punishment, Joe is also the reason I have never been satisfied by anyone else (and it’s the happiest misery a person has ever lived).  On this episode I cover both of the horror films Morrissey made, back to back, his versions of Frankenstein and Dracula, the latter of which I am given some feedback on from writer, podcaster, actor and composer Kristen Zaza.

Listen to the podcast episode here:  PODCAST (with Kristen Zaza)

My review of the film on my blog:  REVIEW

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Also By Paul Morrissey

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