#007: A Night To Remember

criterion7ROY WARD BAKER


Like many people around my age today who have seen this film, I discovered it after the popularity of James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar winner broke box office records and reignited an immense interest in the subject of the ship who sank on her maiden voyage.  Sure it doesn’t have modern day special effects and it’s in black and white, but I have always felt that this is the strongest and most accurate film on the subject, and to investigate this I invited my good friend Victoria Shepherd to talk to me about this.  Aside from being a wonderful director and Vivien Leigh enthusiast, Shepherd has nurtured a love of the legend and lore of the Titanic for much of her life, and it’s something I have always associated with her, so I was very happy that she agreed to be on the show.

Listen to the episode here:  PODCAST

My review on my blog:  REVIEW

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